JO-2024: 60 athletes will represent Morocco in Paris


Sixty athletes will represent Morocco at the Summer Olympic Games which will take place from July 26 to August 11 in Paris, according to the final list of the Moroccan sports delegation, made public on Tuesday by the Moroccan National Olympic Committee (CNOM).

In accordance with the qualification systems, and on the basis of the lists validated with the Royal Moroccan Federations, the CNOM has proceeded with the sports registration of the Moroccan delegation with the Paris 2024 organizing committee, writes the CNOM on its website.

In total, the same source continues, 60 athletes, including 18 women athletes, will represent Morocco in Paris to defend the national colors in 19 sports disciplines. These are athletics (13 men and women athletes), rowing (1), beach volleyball (2), boxing (3), breakdancing (2), canoeing (2), cycling (2), fencing (2), football (18) and golf (1). These are also judo (3), wrestling (1), swimming (2), skateboarding (1), equestrian sports (2), surfing (1), taekwondo (2), sport shooting (1) and triathlon (1).

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