Chichaoua: Post-earthquake reconstruction operation under the sign of determination


The operation to rebuild houses totally or partially destroyed by the earthquake of September 8 is continuing at a sustained pace, with enthusiasm and unfailing commitment and determination from all stakeholders to succeed in this major project, as This is the case in the territorial commune of Adassil in the province of Chichaoua, one of the most affected by this earthquake.

In this commune (Caïdat d’Assif El Mal), the work of clearing, leveling building land, installing foundations and rebuilding houses, or even rehabilitating partially collapsed houses is progressing step by step. giant, contributing to the metamorphosis of the douars impacted by the earthquake, into a large open-air construction site. All under the watchful eye and careful monitoring of local authorities and other parties concerned.

Behind these advances, an effective mobilization of local authorities on the ground and on a permanent basis, within the framework of the strict implementation of the High Instructions of King Mohammed VI and the permanent concern of the Sovereign to guarantee the populations affected by the earthquake , a decent life and to meet their expectations and aspirations.

At the Douars “Adassil”, “Tidarguine” and “Azmou” among others, visited by a MAP team, citizens, some of whom have just recently benefited from the 2nd tranche of direct financial aid dedicated to reconstruction, continue to demonstrate positive interaction with local authorities and other stakeholders, so that these reconstruction efforts can be carried out successfully and allow several families impacted by the earthquake to each have decent housing where, all safety and health conditions are scrupulously observed.

Work carried out in continuity and with all the rigor required, thanks to the presence on the ground of local authorities, since the first hours following the earthquake, to iron out all the difficulties encountered, to support citizens through monitoring and support but also, recurring visits to construction sites to closely ensure compliance with construction plans and authorizations, and the use of appropriate construction materials.

Likewise, the technical commissions and topographers continue to be deployed in the field and at a regular rate, in order to provide the citizens concerned with all the technical assistance and practical advice inherent to this large-scale operation.

In this wake, local authorities are hardly skimping on the means to respond positively to all the expectations of citizens, among other things, making available to them model architectural plans respecting the intrinsic specificities of this area, in addition to the facilities granted to certain suppliers. of construction materials (gravel, cement, iron, etc.) to set up depots nearby.

The aim being to guarantee a supply of sufficient quantities of construction materials and to save the citizens concerned by this operation the effort of traveling to distant areas to obtain them, with all that this may entail in terms of additional costs.

Farid Essoufi, topography technician, gave a detailed overview of the mission incumbent on him, namely the establishment of topographical plans for the houses affected by this natural disaster and the other steps to follow, in partnership with the architect and under the supervision of supervision of local authorities.

“The post-earthquake reconstruction operation is taking place in excellent conditions thanks to the unfailing mobilization of local authorities and all parties concerned, in application of the High Royal Instructions,” he continued.

Mr. Askour Mohamed, Site Manager at one of the beneficiaries of the post-earthquake reconstruction operation, for his part, indicated that this large-scale operation is continuing in better conditions, highlighting the great work accomplished by the local authorities in terms of careful monitoring and control of this project but also their exemplary availability to lend a helping hand to citizens in this exceptional circumstance.

In application of the High Royal Instructions, the government grants direct financial assistance in the amount of 140,000 dirhams for completely collapsed housing and 80,000 dirhams to cover the rehabilitation work on partially collapsed homes, it is recalled.

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