With Samak Ben Project, under the supervision of the Ministry of Fisheries, excellent fish is at a low price? View price list


Today, prices are soaring and bordering on the impossible, at a time when citizens are no longer able to at least acquire their needs in vegetables, legumes or even fish, which deprives them of certain privileges. and lead them to ignore many good things

In this disturbing imbroglio, the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries has managed to keep the hopes of citizens who really want to supply it with fish during this Holy Month of Ramadan because our households make fish their asset major but as this may contradict their aspirations, the supervisory ministry has decided to provide sales patents to individuals who can then post their caravan of fish of different species which they can sell at reasonable prices who have also been able to obtain the full approval of the people and who therefore provided a laudable opportunity for everyone to come and buy as they wish and within the scope of their wishes

It is in this context that an individual, Mr. Abdelwahab, owner of Samak Ben Projet, was able to settle in the Yacoub El Mansour district near the former El Bahia cinema, just in front of the Mohammed V primary school. , where he shares the joy of the citizens who rushed to his merchandise which is to the honor and which does not ask too much in view of its remarkable quality which can satisfy the curiosity of everyone

Mr. Abdelwahab therefore managed to contain the “heat” of the prices by acting in the price of the small class who therefore thanked this positive initiative and very favorable to their request

We were able to contact Ms. Chatoui Souad, sales manager of this project who told us that there are other similar projects in Ain Aouda, Tamesna and Sala Al Jadida. An option which is intended to be a real solution to allow the population to better take ownership of fish which could seem too expensive but which is not so with this project where everyone can buy the most of whatever taste they have.

An achievement well serving the citizen. We’ll come back

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