Moroccan Adouls launch long strikes and new demonstrations


Moroccan Adouls are launching strikes and new protests, in response to the way the Ministry of Justice has handled their demands, which they described as “not expressing the presence of a real political will to respond what the national interest and professional requirements require. »

The Adouls will therefore go on strike for a period of several weeks, from Wednesday February 28 to next Wednesday March 6, followed by a week of work, followed by a strike of 14 days, and after another week of work, and resume another open strike of 21 days, accompanied by a sit-in in front of the Ministry of Justice, from next Monday, May 6, with the aim of putting pressure on the supervisory ministry

The task of documenting contracts in Morocco is carried out by two types of notaries: The first are the Adouls, who are the oldest in existence, and the second are the modern notaries, whose appearance dates back to the colonial era after the creation of the notarial profession by a decree of May 4, 1925.

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