Ramadan is a spiritual period marked by generosity for Allah’s guests, strengthening the bond between the Moroccan community and Italy.

Members of the Moroccan community in Italy are seizing the holy month of Ramadan to build bonds of solidarity between Muslims and non-Muslims, promote the principles of tolerant Islam and create a spiritual atmosphere where diligence in good deeds and construction mosques are encouraged.

In a spirit of fraternity and solidarity among Moroccans in Italy, as well as with other Muslim communities and even other religions, all differences of class, nationality and race disappear when the fasters gather around the tables of breaking the fast organized in mosques, thus going beyond their simple purpose of providing meals.

In addition to its religious virtues, this month is an opportunity to discover the richness of Moroccan cuisine, by tasting its traditional dishes available ready-made or by purchasing the ingredients to prepare them at home to garnish the iftar table.

Some Moroccans who cannot prepare certain dishes due to their professional obligations make do with the traditional desserts that distinguish this holy month in Morocco, helping them create a family atmosphere and adapt to the particular lifestyle of Ramadan in their Country of Residence.

The Moroccan community remains faithful to the fast-breaking table, known for its characteristic dishes of the holy month, in particular the “Harira” soup and various dishes which adorn the tables of Ramadan, while ensuring to create exceptional atmospheres appreciated by the non-Muslims who come with their families to discover authentic Moroccan traditions.

The collective break-up meal is an excellent opportunity to show the noblest aspects of moderate and tolerant Islam, and to present it to Italian society as well as the behaviors, religious and social practices that distinguish this great month, while constituting a valuable opportunity to promote the values ​​of coexistence, solidarity and harmony between religions.

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