High plane ticket prices and monopoly anger Moroccan community in America


“The cheapest ticket I found exceeds a million Centimes”, with this sentence a Moroccan immigrant to the United States of America commented on the increase in ticket prices for Royal Air Maroc flight reservations in course next summer.

Another Moroccan immigrant living in America commented: “I have four children and I wanted to go with them this summer to Morocco. The round trip ticket is close to reaching two million. We need about 12 million centimes, and there is nothing left for the price of economical housing.”

Many comments have been posted by Moroccans residing in America to protest against the company which monopolizes direct flights between America and Morocco, especially during the summer, to the point that one of them commented on the question with the phrase: “Are we not Moroccans? Don't we deserve a drop in prices so that we can come as a family to spend the holidays in our country?

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