World Cup projects and construction sites have multiplied Sonasid's sales and profits for steel and iron

Major construction sites have been launched in most Moroccan cities, with the construction of gigantic projects, particularly in the large cities which will host the African Cup and World Cup competitions, which has stimulated transactions for several companies, including Sonasid.

In this context, officials of the Sonasid company, specializing in steel and iron, explained that the volume of transactions in the sector will experience strong growth over the next five years thanks to the major projects and construction sites launched in our country, including World Cup projects and housing projects after the launch of support programs.

According to figures provided by the company, Sonasid's consolidated transaction volume reached 4.99 billion dirhams, up 2% compared to 2022, while the company's profits amounted to 65 million dirhams for the group, with the company's investments reaching 219 million dirhams last year, recording an increase of 54%.

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