A young Moroccan died in a reception center in Spain under mysterious circumstances

Ombudsman Angel Gabilondo recently asked the judicial and security authorities to provide the necessary clarifications on the circumstances of the death of a Moroccan asylum seeker. The Mediator also wanted to know if “efforts had been made to inform his family”, as indicated in a press release.

The Spanish newspaper “Larazon”, which reported the information, indicated that the Mediator intervened in accordance with the powers granted to him, after learning of the death of a young Moroccan in a reception center in the municipality of San Fernando de Henares in Madrid.

The aforementioned Spanish official sent a correspondence on this subject to the public prosecutor's office and the State Secretariat for Migration to request information on what happened and the circumstances of the young man's death.

The events occurred last Thursday, March 14, around 10 p.m., in a home in San Fernando de Henares, where one of the migrants who arrived on the peninsula from the Canary Islands suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest.

This institution remained the subject of numerous complaints and grievances regarding the lack of appointments to request asylum, a problem which pushed a large number of immigrants to begin a hunger strike, including the young man who died , who had no history of illness.

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