Italy…a lawyer causes the death of a Moroccan immigrant during legal ruqyah

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press
The city of Ivrea, in the Turin region of northern Italy, was shaken by the death of a Moroccan immigrant, who was taking legal ruqyah lessons from a Moroccan imam and jurist.

Local sources added that the deceased man was named “Khal L”, aged around 43 years old. He suffered from various and multiple disorders, as he underwent a sharia ruqyah session at his home before dying in the hands of the jurist. and fell unconscious, who was immersed in the practice… His rituals include beatings and violence under the pretext of torturing the jinn in order to force him to leave his body.

The same sources report that the victim's body was transferred to the morgue of the local hospital, where it was subjected to a medical autopsy sufficient to determine the true causes of death, while the jurist and three relatives of the victim , the husband, his brother and his uncle were imprisoned by order of the General Prosecutor of Appeal of Ivrea, headed by Gabriella Viglioni, while waiting for the investigation to be completed and the results of the medical autopsy to be made public.

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