Demands the rescue of 6 Moroccans sentenced to death in Somalia

Moroccan non-governmental organizations have called on their country's authorities to work to save 6 Moroccans from the death penalty in Somalia.

This is what emerges from a joint declaration from 6 associations.

Among the organizations signing the declaration are the Moroccan Coalition for the Abolition of the Death Penalty, the Adala Association for a Fair Trial and the Network of Lawyers Against the Death Penalty.

The associations indicated that they had “taken note of the judgment rendered by a military court in northern Somalia, according to which 6 Moroccans accused of belonging to IS were sentenced to death by firing squad”.

According to the statement, “some of them indicated in statements that they had come looking for work and did not know the intentions of those who had recruited them, and that they wanted to return to their country, which was confirmed by their lawyer, and that they were misled by an extremist group, and that hope remains to appeal the appeal they filed. » «.

Moroccan associations condemned the death sentence handed down against Moroccans, declaring their “refusal to infringe on their right to life, which cannot be justified even by the most serious crimes”.

The press release calls on the Moroccan authorities to take all urgent measures to save the lives of citizens from deadly bullets and to expel them according to their desire to their country before it is too late.

On March 2, a military court in northern Somalia sentenced to death six Moroccans accused of belonging to the Islamic State.

According to media reports, the military court in the town of Bosaso, in the state of Puntland, Somalia, handed down a death sentence against these Moroccans, accused of “destroying their lives, the life of the Muslim community, the life of the Somali people and sow chaos in the country.

It was reported that “the defendants have one month to appeal the decision.”

There was no official comment from Moroccan authorities regarding the death sentence or the statement from Moroccan associations until 4:00 p.m. (UTG).

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