Moroccan Breakfast in Amsterdam Brings Different Religions Together During Ramadan “Video”

Tariq Abla_Heba Press

There is no difference in the fact that the group breakfast in the month of Ramadan has deep connotations and valuable messages that carry within it the spirit of solidarity, familiarity and brotherhood among Muslims and even non-Muslims. Muslims. This is what the Dutch Friendship Association in Amsterdam says. achieved, which managed to bring together various religions, peoples and Dutch security officers around tables. Group breakfast in this holy month.

Here are hidden the deep connotations linked to the nobility of morals among Moroccans who cling to their ancestral traditions. Here is embodied the human and moral dimension of solidarity which confirms the tolerance of our true religion, which calls for coexistence, tolerance and cooperation between different peoples, far from the logic of fanaticism, extremism and from ethnicity to taste for color and religion…

Here in Amsterdam, the Friendship Association wanted to share with everyone the status of a collective breakfast between all Moroccans, big or small, because fasting is an opportunity to resolve differences and sow the seeds of friendship. cooperation and social solidarity.

This is what the Amsterdam Friendship Association has established, and has made it one of its most important objectives, which is to open channels of communication with the different components of the Islamic communities in general. , and Moroccans in particular, by organizing awareness campaigns. aimed at providing services to those who wish to obtain information, whether administrative or of a social nature. Or my family…

This collective breakfast initiative, initiated by the Friendship Association, remains a humanitarian initiative which carries several dimensions in its symbolism, but its implications remain to demonstrate the extent of the originality of Moroccans, of their positions, of their struggles and their generosity, even beyond borders.

Heba Press from Amsterdam, attended this group breakfast and prepared the following brochure:

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