An Italian police officer is treacherously stabbed by a Moroccan immigrant

Al-Latif Al-Baz – Heba Press

An Italian security guard was stabbed with a knife by a 37-year-old Moroccan immigrant in the city of Milan, requiring his emergency transfer to the Lombard capital’s regional hospital for treatment.

Informed sources reported to Heba Press that a security patrol was carrying out its regular work at the level of influence of its department before receiving a directive from the Department of Transportation in the Milan security zone, after notification of a certain number of residents requesting urgent security. intervention in order to arrest a person who sowed chaos at the Empress station in addition to threatening him. The grandfather looked at passers-by with a bladed weapon that he had in his possession.

The same sources add that the patrol quickly implemented the instructions and moved to the location of the suspect at Lambrate station, northwest of the city, in order to put an end to his real threats towards passers-by . However, the suspect injured the patrolling police officer with a knife in the abdomen, leaving him with serious injuries, in circumstances which were the subject of preliminary investigation.

HePress sources explained that the security patrol managed to control the suspect, who was in a state of agitation, and arrest him by seizing the bladed weapon, in addition to transferring the police officer to the hospital emergency room Niguarda from Milan, and his state of health is now serious.

The Milan appeal prosecutor ordered the opening of a preliminary judicial investigation by members of the judicial police in the security zone of the Lombardy capital, to uncover all the circumstances and circumstances surrounding the incident. On the other hand, the Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Piantidozzi announced that he was following “with concern” the evolution of the state of health of deputy police inspector Christian Di Martino.

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