Narsa reveals the truth about candidates who failed the driving license exams


The National Road Safety Agency (NARSA) has confirmed that there has been a very positive development in the success rate of candidates between the first and second days of downloading the new question bank to pass the theoretical exam for obtaining a driving license.

The agency explained, in a press release, that the analysis of the initial data made it possible to conclude and note that the success rates varied between 32/40 and 39/40 for category “B”, and between 38/46 and 42/46 for the other categories.

She added that most candidates obtained results close to the pass rate, since the average of points obtained nationally was around 23/40 on the first day, and 28/40 on the second day for category “B “, and approximately 27/46 on the first day and 32/46 on the second day for the other classes, knowing that the success rate for the theoretical exam is 40/32 for class “B” and 46/38 for the other classes.

In order to make this important reform workshop, which aims to properly prepare new drivers and contribute to improving road safety in the Kingdom, a success through the rehabilitation of the driving education system, which must train candidates with greater attention to appropriate behavior, awareness of risks on the road and allow the driver to self-assess.

Due to its capabilities in the use of road space, the National Road Safety Agency calls on all professionals and candidates for driving education to continue to participate in these workshops.

In this regard, Narsa called on driving education institutions to monitor candidates and ensure that they are well trained on the five approved axes (road, vehicle, driver, traffic rules and violations), and to ensure they are ready before booking dates to take their exams, emphasizing that they will do so during this transitional phase.

Narsa also called on candidates to register and access the “Perminou” learning platform, which contains comprehensive content on various topics, which would enable them to acquire sufficient knowledge to pass the qualifying exam. driving license, emphasizing that the data and indicators available indicate that candidates who enter and follow the training through this platform, they obtain honorable grades and pass the theoretical exam with distinction.

The National Road Safety Agency has announced the start of downloading the new bank of questions to pass the theoretical test to obtain a driving license, from Monday March 25.

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