Radio station “Hit Radio” dissociates itself from the incident of the “falsified theft phone call”

The radio station “Hit Radio” has dissociated itself from the incident of the falsified telephone call on the theft of a cell phone which was broadcast during one of the episodes of “Momo Ramadan Show”.

In a clarifying statement, the radio station firmly denied its involvement in these acts, which go against its values. She emphasized that her employees are committed to strict ethical and professional principles.

With this in mind, the radio station affirmed that it is not linked to the incident, categorically rejecting any link with the people responsible for these alleged actions, and declares itself ready to cooperate fully with the competent authorities to clarify the facts and establish the truth.

The radio also expressed its deep respect for the security forces and the judiciary, as well as its appreciation for their hard and continuous work to serve citizens, guarantee their safety and well-being.

Faced with these unfounded accusations, the press release adds that the radio station “Hit Radio” reserves the right to take the necessary legal measures against any person seeking to tarnish their reputation through false allegations.

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