Algeria's appointment of consuls in Oujda and Casablanca… what does it mean?

The expert in international relations and the Sahara question, Ahmed Nour Eddine, gave his opinion on the implications of Algeria's appointment of consuls in Oujda and Casablanca.

The latter declared that the appointment of an Algerian consul general in Casablanca and a consul in Oujda does not concern the correction of the situation or the recognition of an error on the part of Algeria, because the totalitarian regimes, military and opaque regimes that escape political science classifications are the last to appear in the vocabulary of apologies or the revision of errors or the acknowledgment of errors.
Ahmed Nour Eddine said: “I don't think anyone doubts that the Algerian regime has been a military-controlled regime since its birth in 1962, and we have seen over the two and a half years of the popular movement that began in February 2019, that the main and central demand of the Algerian people is the establishment of a civil state and the fall of the military state. And the same thing for the nature of the opaque and unclassified regime, we followed in the same movement slogans demanding the fall of the gangs which govern Algeria.

The expert in international relations and the Sahara question stressed that the classification that the Algerian people signed in their movement was confirmed by French President Emmanuel Macron in his famous statement reported by the newspaper “Le Monde”, in which he described Abdelmadjid Tebboune as being “trapped in a sclerotic or fossilized military system”.

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