The “Moutatawi3” program aims to help young people develop their abilities and realize their dreams (minister)

Hibapress / MAP

The “Moutatawi3” (voluntary) program, dedicated to youth, aims to help this segment of society to develop their creative abilities and to support young people in realizing their dreams, said the Minister of Health on Saturday in Bouznika. Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed Mehdi Bensaid.

Speaking at the opening of the exhibition of volunteering clubs organized as part of the first National Youth Meeting of the “Moutatawi3” program, which continues until this Sunday under the theme “Volunteering, Citizenship and Solidarity” , Mr. Bensaid stressed that this program contributes to raising awareness among young people of their rights and duties and offers a platform for the exchange of experiences for young people from different regions of the Kingdom.

The program, he added, intends to support and help young people aged between 18 and 22 to face the constraints and difficulties of their daily lives, on the path to realizing their dreams, their ideas and their projects.

In this wake, the minister affirmed that volunteering, a social value which contributes to the strengthening of solidarity and mutual aid among individuals and communities, is an authentic component of the identity of Moroccan society, “crystallized by our religion and our culture.

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