CDG Capital: The RNPG at more than 50.7 MDH in 2023


The net profit, Group share (RNPG) of CDG Capital stood at 50.746 million dirhams (MDH) in 2023, compared to 61.48 MDH a year previously.

The net banking income (NBI) amounted to 332.141 MDH in 2023 compared to 345.89 MDH in 2022, while the gross operating income reached 67.39 MDH compared to 96.69 MDH. previous year, indicates CDG Capital in a press release on its financial results. Concerning the operating profit, it amounted to 77.75 MDH in 2023, against 95.5 MDH in 2022, adds the same source, noting that the profit before tax was 77.86 MDH in 2023.

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