HCP: Contribution to national economic growth amounted to 9.4 points


The High Commission for Planning (HCP) has just announced in an information note on the national economic situation in Q4-2023, that domestic demand recorded an increase in its growth rate of 8.1% in the fourth quarter of 2023, after a drop of 1.6% in the same period of 2022.

The contribution of this demand to national economic growth thus amounted to 9.4 points.

And to continue that gross investment (gross formation of fixed capital, change in inventories and net acquisition of valuable objects) experienced a sharp increase in its rate of progression, going from (-4.1%) in Q4- 2022 to 19.6% in Q4-2023, to contribute to economic growth of 6.6 points.

For its part, household final consumption expenditure increased by 3%, with a contribution to growth of 1.9 points.

Likewise, the final consumption of public administrations showed an increase of 4.6%, with a contribution to growth of 0.9 points.

Furthermore, in terms of foreign trade, imports of goods and services increased by 13.3%, with a negative contribution to growth of 8.2 points. Concerning exports, they recorded a slowdown to 6.4%, with a contribution to growth of 2.9 points.

Thus, foreign trade in goods and services made a negative contribution to growth in Q4-2023, standing at -5.2 points.

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