Netherlands.. A group breakfast in honor of the leaders and imams of Moroccan mosques “Video”

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The Consulate General in Utrecht organized a Ramadan Iftar celebration in honor of the leaders of mosques and heads of Moroccan associations in the Netherlands, as well as eminent imams, reciters and preachers from the Kingdom of Morocco under the supervision of the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and the Hassan II Foundation for Moroccans living abroad as part of the religious awareness and orientation program for members of the Moroccan community in the Netherlands.

The ceremony, attended by the Ambassador of His Majesty the King in The Hague, aims to share the spiritual atmosphere with the different components of Moroccan civil society on the occasion of the holy month, and to extend the bridges of communication , dialogue and exchange. of ideas with them in an atmosphere filled with love and joy in accordance with the authentic rituals of Moroccan Ramadan.
Those responsible for this humanitarian and spiritual initiative strive to perpetuate the immortal culture and traditions of Moroccans and to give lessons of solidarity, synergy and compassion between all countries, keen to achieve meaningful communication with the members of the Moroccan community residing in the Netherlands.

It should be noted that the Consulate of Morocco in Utrecht, the Netherlands, headed by Ms. Buthaina Al-Kardoudi Al-Kalali, has embodied a policy of proximity and openness towards all stakeholders, actors and partners. He also, in return, developed a solid strategy to deal with all the files presented to him in connection with the movement experienced by the Consulate following the influx of waves of Moroccan immigrants wishing to spend Eid, the Mushrooms and other seasonal celebrations and summer vacations with loved ones.

Many Moroccans residing there believe, during an interview with Heba Berbes, that the rational measure adopted by the said consulate will greatly facilitate things for members of the community, and will contribute to resolving the problems associated with it, on the basis of remote visit to the electronic platform. without the need to go to the consulate, approving the services provided, especially in exceptional circumstances.

Other details in the following Heba Press coverage of the heart of the event:

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