Despite her detention, Dounia Batma celebrates her birthday in prison


Although she is in prison, the artist Dounia Batma celebrated her birthday the day before yesterday yesterday Monday.

Batma's official Instagram account posted a video of a birthday party, with candy including photos of the Moroccan artist and the phrase “We love you.”

The video was accompanied by a comment that read: “Happy birthday, Dandoun. May God grant you relief, O Lord, make you happy, remove all evil from you, prolong your life, reunite you with your daughters and grant you victory over those who are hostile to you.”

And added: “Thank you to everyone who said happy birthday to Dounia and remembered her that day. Thank you to Dounia Batma fans and thank you for your prayers. May God reward you. Thank you very much, our second family. Do not be stingy with prayers. » Your love is the sweetest thing I have ever acquired, because people's love cannot be bought or sold.

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