The outlines of the third floor are beginning to appear at the Rabat stadium, and work continues day and night.

Construction work on the Moulay Abdellah stadium in Rabat is progressing rapidly, with various companies having won the contract to build this new jewel of modern football, working day and night to have the stadium ready on the scheduled date in March 2025.

The outlines of the third floor are beginning to emerge, with the first floor fully completed, while work on the second floor is partially completed and construction on the third floor has begun simultaneously.

Although the design of the official stadium has not yet been revealed, it is predicted by experts in the field that it will have four towering floors, and if work continues as planned, the stadium will be ready before March of the year next.

It should be noted that the Rabat stadium will be able to accommodate more than 69,000 spectators and will have a car park to the north on two underground levels with a capacity of 3,300 cars, as well as an underground car park to the south with a capacity of 1,900 cars.

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