Al Haouz: Post-earthquake reconstruction operation continues under the sign of perseverance


Like the areas affected by the September 8 earthquake, the commune of Asni in the province of Al Haouz is experiencing remarkable progress in the post-earthquake reconstruction operation of totally or partially destroyed houses, with the The key is strong perseverance and continued determination to guarantee this large-scale project all the conditions for success.

These remarkable advances are the result of diligent and ongoing work carried out, tirelessly, by the local authorities and the various departments concerned, fruitful collaboration with other partners, as well as the positive interaction of the affected populations. by the earthquake, who show a strong determination to complete the reconstruction work in order to now have decent housing.

This unfailing commitment is palpable in a number of douars deeply affected by the earthquake as is the case of Douar “Assalda” where the work of clearing, leveling of building land, installation of foundations and reconstruction of houses, or even the rehabilitation of partially collapsed houses are progressing at a sustained pace. All under the careful monitoring and support of local authorities and other stakeholders.

An effective mobilization on the ground and on a permanent basis of local authorities, within the framework of the strict implementation of the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and the permanent concern of the Sovereign to guarantee to the populations affected by the earthquake, a dignified life and to meet their aspirations.

It is, certainly, an innovative approach and a management method based on palpable results in accordance with the clairvoyant Vision of the Sovereign, and the active mobilization of local authorities who were engaged from the first hours following the earthquake and which aroused admiration and satisfaction from citizens.

This means that at the level of the commune of Asni, the mobilization of local authorities is intended to be significant in order to transcend all the difficulties encountered, through monitoring and support but also, recurring visits to construction sites to ensure compliance with construction plans and authorizations, and the use of appropriate materials, while ensuring that constructions conform to the local urban and landscape character.

Likewise, the technical commissions and topographers continue their field visits on a regular basis, in order to provide targeted people with all the technical assistance and practical advice inherent to this large-scale operation.

Major steps have also been taken in order to meet the expectations of citizens, particularly with regard to model architectural plans respecting the intrinsic specificities of the area in addition to the facilities granted to certain suppliers of construction materials, through the development of Depots at proximity to building areas.

The ultimate objective is to provide sufficient quantities of construction materials and to save the beneficiaries of this operation additional costs.

Approached by MAP, the topography technician, Mohamed Abou Hamza, gave an overview of the work that is currently being done, noting that after the clearing, the delimitation of the lot of building land is carried out, once the plans of construction obtained because the objective is to ensure strict compliance with the measures and procedures in this area.

He praised the significant role played by local authorities who hardly skimp on the means to be implemented on the ground in order to facilitate the post-earthquake reconstruction operation.

Brahim Balili, one of the beneficiaries of the post-earthquake reconstruction operation, expressed his joy and satisfaction with the progress of the reconstruction work, noting that this work could never have been completed without the unwavering commitment of local authorities and other stakeholders.

He expressed his deep gratitude to King Mohammed VI for the special interest that the Sovereign continues to show to citizens affected by the earthquake.

In application of the High Royal Instructions, the government grants direct financial assistance in the amount of 140,000 dirhams for completely collapsed housing and 80,000 dirhams to cover the rehabilitation work on partially collapsed homes, it is recalled.

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