Demands to regulate the collection of donations in front of mosques

Hanane Aterkine, member of the parliamentary team of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, called on the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Wakfs to intervene to put an end to the practice of collecting donations in front of mosque doors.

Aterkine affirmed that some mosques witness this practice of collecting donations in front of their doors, in violation of legal provisions governing “public charity”, with the inconvenience that these behaviors cause for the faithful coming to the houses of God in this spiritual environment. of the month of fasting.

She pointed out that the supervisors of donation collection campaigns try to exploit the sanctity of mosques and their inviolability, as well as the demand for benefits offered by all worshipers in all possible ways, including alms and donations, in order to to collect money, without respecting legal rules, and without knowing the destination of this money and the purpose of its collection.

She also pointed out that these people often claim that they are building houses of God, overseeing ancient schools, or collecting money for their students, based on photos of building designs, or photos of these schools and data on their reception capacities and the number of students studying there.

The same spokesperson said: “It is remarkable that these behaviors have found no one to put an end to them, and to remind those responsible and curators of the houses of God of the expected consequences of the violation of the law and the abuse of Muslims' money in an illegal manner, whether by those in charge and guardians of the houses of God, or by regional and provincial scientific councils. »

She called on the supervisory ministry to take all necessary measures to limit this practice contrary to regulatory laws, and to the sacredness and veneration of mosques.

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