Niger recalls Algerian ambassador to protest migrant repatriation conditions

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Niger announced the recall of the Algerian ambassador in Niamey, Mehdi Bekhada, due to the conditions of repatriation of Nigerien nationals residing irregularly in Algeria.

A statement from Niger’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the recall of the Algerian ambassador “comes due to the repatriation operations of migrants from the Sahel region and the desert under irregular conditions.” The press release considered that these operations “were carried out in conditions of non-compliance with the rules and undermine the dignity and security of Nigerien citizens”.

The source specified that the ambassador, received by the deputy secretary general of the Nigerien Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Omar Ibrahim Sidi, was responsible for transmitting a message to the authorities of his country concerning the treatment of the Algerian security authorities towards migrants, and that the execution of repatriation operations for citizens and irregular migrants planned by the Algerian authorities “must be done with respect and taking into account friendly relations between the two peoples”.

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