Morocco sentences man involved in France’s biggest security breach to 20 years in prison

 Rabat’s Court of Appeal sentenced French-Algerian Sofiane Hambli to 20 years of prison on Thursday night, on account of several charges following France’s biggest security breach scandal.

Hambli, 46, is known in the international drug trafficking world as “The Logistician.”

He was charged with association to criminals, international drug trafficking, kidnapping, detention, money laundering, forgery identity theft, possession, and use of drugs.

The criminal is currently held in the Sale 2 prison under very high security, sources told HIBAPRESS sources. s, 

He was first arrested back in October 2021 in a clinic in Tangier, where he was receiving treatment for injuries after being attacked with a knife. He was hospitalized in a critical condition, which followed him getting into a coma, with several wounds on his face and back.

Le Monde said that he was in possession of false German identity papers.

He was the reason behind the big scandal that involved the French Central Office for the Suppression of Illicit Drug Trafficking (OCRTIS).

Hambli had been publicly named as the informant of French Commissioner François Thierry, former head of OCRTIS.

He was suspected of having benefited from this relationship to help his trafficking operations. The case caused the fall of the police officer, the overhaul of the OCRTIS, and various legal repercussions.

Sofiane Hambli was an established name in French banditry as a major drug trafficker, who was capable of importing cannabis in significant industrial quantities because of his contacts in Morocco and Spain, said Le Monde.

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