Moroccans in Milan greet the family and share the Lord’s table with a taste for coexistence and tolerance

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press

As part of the social work and noble initiatives undertaken by the Moroccan-Italian Association for Spatial Solidarity, it organized, Saturday April 6, a group breakfast in Piazza San Vigtorio, in the town of San Millignano, in northern Italy, in the presence of the Consul General, members of the diplomatic corps of the Kingdom of Morocco in Milan, various Italian personalities, elected officials from the municipality of San Millignano and associations, Islamic and Moroccan immigrants, as well as personalities of different nationalities and religions, including members of churches. , Italian professors and researchers interested in religious affairs and interreligious dialogue.

Presenting the ceremony, Yahya El-Matawat, president of the Moroccan-Italian Association for Spatial Solidarity, expressed his “satisfaction with the response that the initiative received from all local components, including the authorities, associations and members of the community, which constitutes a strong incentive to continue working on consolidating a positive and effective Moroccan presence,” said Yahya. The elastic is an opportunity to present the tolerant Islamic religion as a symbol of tolerance and coexistence between different peoples, and it is important to give the ideal image of moderate, far removed from forms of extremism. He also underlined in this regard the high royal initiatives embodied in the 2004 speech, the fruit of numerous religious activities through which Morocco intends to consolidate the doctrine of coexistence and tolerance between peoples. peoples and civilizations.

On the occasion, the Consul General of Morocco in Milan, Mohamed Al-Akhal, indicated that this initiative mainly aims to support and strengthen the links and relations between members of the Moroccan community residing in Italy, to highlight authentic Moroccan customs and traditions and the attachment of Moroccans. to their civilizational and cultural heritage, in addition to introducing the values ​​and principles of the Islamic religion.

The spokesperson added that this occasion, with its distinctive presence of authentic Moroccan dishes that characterize the Iftar table during the month of Ramadan, aims to create a spiritual atmosphere among members of the Moroccan community, to encourage them to meeting and brotherhood, and establishing strong relationships. between families, in addition to highlighting the particularities of authentic Moroccan customs and traditions which… Print this great month.

The diplomatic official also added that the Ramadan breakfast brought together a group of Moroccan and Italian personalities and officials from the municipality of San Melignano, in addition to representatives of civil society, in order to introduce them to associated Moroccan customs and traditions. at this breakfast. the greatest month, as well as the values ​​of tolerance and solidarity, which constitute the central point of Moroccan customs and traditions.

The breakfast group included fruitful dialogue sessions and interactive initiatives aimed at strengthening mutual understanding and respect among participants. This event was an opportunity to exchange views and experiences on the importance of peaceful coexistence and interfaith tolerance in building a cohesive and tolerant society.

This initiative reflects the Kingdom of Morocco’s commitment to promoting dialogue and understanding between cultures and religions, and reinforces its role as a global hub for dialogue of civilizations and peaceful coexistence.

This ceremony was an opportunity to congratulate the members of the Moroccan community on the occasion of the holy month and to share this atmosphere of Ramadan, as well as to present to the Italian guests the values ​​of tolerance, coexistence and openness which characterize the Moroccan religious model. .

The occasion was characterized by an authentic Moroccan fraternal nature, as souls, bodies and ideas met at the breakfast table.

This remains an opportunity to inform Italian society of the values ​​of tolerance and solidarity that Islam has brought as a world religion, and it must therefore be valued to refute the dark image promoted by its enemies in Europe and elsewhere .

Finally, the Consul General and some consulate employees bid farewell to the guests with a sincere smile, which, if anything, indicates the strong bond between the community members and the Moroccan administration. Ramadan Kareem and Happy New Year.

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