Fan who attacked Hamdallah reveals what happened


The supporter who hit Ittihad striker Abderazzaq Hamdallah after the defeat of the “yellows and blacks” against Al Hilal (1-4) in the final of the Saudi Arabia Super Cup, revealed behind the scenes of incident.

Activists on the social networking site “X” circulated a video of Hamdallah, who approached a supporter and doused him with water.

In return, the fan responded by hitting the player with a stick he was holding, which triggered the anger of the Moroccan star, before those present managed to contain the situation.

The fan, identified as Ittihad supporter Faisal Al Aboud, told Saudi newspaper Okad: “I am an Ittihad fan and have been traveling with the team for a long time to many tournaments.”

He explained: “First of all, I suffer from a cruciate ligament injury and I entered with a stick based on an official medical report that I submitted to the security authorities when I entered the stadium , and I did not expect to get into a conflict with any party.”

The supporter continued: “After the defeat, Hamdallah approached the exit zone and I addressed him saying: “Get away from Ittihad”. I was surprised when he approached me, doused me with water and threw a bottle at me, and I reacted by caning him twice.

He said: “Then I went with the security elements to a security room on the upper floor of the stadium, and a representative of the Saudi Federation and the Ittihad club came and told me asked to desist after realizing that the cameras had filmed Hamdallah’s attack first, as he was the one who started the attack, and that the transaction would be referred to the UAE Public Prosecutor’s Office. »

He added: “That is why I waived the player’s aggression against me and Hamdallah waived his right and the case was completely closed. »

Aboud confirmed: “Ittihad management asked me to take a photo with Hamdallah after the waiver, but I refused because I was still angry following the heavy defeat against Al-Hilal and Hamdallah’s low level as a player on whom we relied a lot, in addition to his aggression against me by dousing me with water and throwing a plastic bottle at me.

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