Two people arrested in Berkane for hacking phone calls, one of them is Lebanese

The police forces of the security region of the city of Berkane managed to arrest two people, one of whom is a Lebanese national, on Tuesday April 16, for their alleged involvement in a case linked to the manipulation of security systems. automatic processing of digital data and hacking of telephone calls.

Initial investigation data indicates that the suspects are involved in hacking national communications networks, using a criminal method involving the use of electronic equipment to redirect international telephone calls to local destinations, and drawing financial benefits of pricing differences between them.

The seizure and search operation carried out in this case resulted in the seizure of wireless devices, four mobile phones, as well as dozens of SIM cards and electronic and computer equipment used in this criminal activity.

The suspects were placed in police custody pending judicial investigations carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor’s office, in order to discover all the circumstances and the reasons behind this case, as well as to arrest the other participants and accomplices of this criminal activity.

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