The Minister of Economy and Finance Nadia Fettah announces aid of 10 billion dirhams for agriculture and 25 billion dirhams for families


Nadia Fettah spoke about the various support programs deployed this year by the government. Thus, since the beginning of the year, the government has started to implement an aid program for farmers to cope with the effects of drought amounting to 10 billion dirhams. Objectives: maintain livestock, encourage spring agriculture that is less dependent on irrigation and maintain prices for local vegetable and fruit production.

However, to support the purchasing power of citizens and optimally target families in need, Morocco began, last January, to implement a program aimed at paying families monthly financial compensation. The Minister of Economy and Finance declared in this regard that 4 million families currently benefit from this program, which will cost 2.5 billion dollars (around 25 billion dirhams) this year and which is expected to increase in the years to come.

As for the fight against inflation, the battle seems won. After reaching an annual rate of 6.6% and 6.1% respectively over the last two years, i.e. unprecedented levels since the 1990s, the rate of increase has slowed considerably in recent months, reaching 0.3 % on an annual basis last February, the lowest level since March 2021.

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