The National Brigade is investigating those responsible and listening to the victims of the “collapsed building” in Casablanca.

The consequences of the collapse of a building in the Sidi Belyout district of Casablanca continue after the National Brigade of Judicial Police summoned residents of the collapsed building to collect their testimonies on the case.

According to the sources of “Hiba Press”, the representatives of the residents of the collapsed building were summoned yesterday Monday to be heard on this affair which shook local and national public opinion, opening the way to interpretations and major questions about responsibilities.

The same sources indicated that officials were also summoned to be heard, and it is expected that the investigations will lead to arrests which could affect territorial officials and elected officials.

On Thursday, May 23, 2024, a building collapsed in Derb “Loubila” on El Anq Street in the district of Sidi Belyout, due to repair work on a premises below the building, according to the eyewitness statements.

Residents of the apartments in the building felt shaking and noticed cracks in the walls, which prompted them to rush out of the building and call the authorities who arrived on the scene and tried to secure the premises to avoid casualties.

The collapse of the building did not cause any loss of life, but caused significant material damage for the apartment owners.

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