Abdeljalil: “Morocco is strongly committed to the decarbonization of transport”


Morocco is strongly committed to the decarbonization of the transport sector, said Wednesday in Rabat, the Minister of Transport and Logistics, Mohamed Abdeljalil.

Morocco’s ambitions in terms of sustainable development are “very high”, added Mr. Abdeljalil who was speaking at the opening of a meeting organized as part of cooperation with the International Transport Forum (ITF), under the theme “Decarbonizing the transport sector in emerging economies”.

During the inaugural workshop on the decarbonization of transport in Morocco, the minister noted in this sense that the performance of the national economy, the quality of life of citizens, social inclusion and tourist attractiveness strongly depend on efficient and clean mobility.

Therefore, he said, adapting infrastructure and mobility systems to new climatic conditions is essential to ensure the functioning of transport and prevent economic losses or even humanitarian disasters.

According to the minister, this meeting is intended to be a platform for exchange between participants around possible scenarios for the decarbonization of transport, especially in the current context marked by the felt effects of climate change on the globe and the complicated economic circumstances following the crises. successive ones that the world knows in general.

For his part, the general secretary of the ITF, Young Tae Kim, noted that Morocco, as a strategic crossroads in terms of international trade and transport, constitutes a key player in the regional and global contexts.

Morocco’s proactive approach was established to support the transport sector, he said, indicating that through this collaboration, his organization is working to improve this project.

In this pivotal period of decarbonization and economic recovery, he argued, “our project to develop decarbonization pathways for passenger transport is of more crucial importance than ever”, noting that the current political landscape reinforces the need to establish a low-carbon transport system in order to reduce dependence on it.

Placed under the theme “Decarbonizing the transport sector in emerging economies”, this three-day event discusses the preliminary results of the simulation process of current public policies for decarbonization of the transport sector in Morocco, as well as training in simulation tools used.

The meeting is an opportunity to discuss with international experts the challenges and opportunities for formulating and developing ambitious measures to decarbonize transport activities.

The meeting program includes training workshops on the use of simulation tools used by ITF experts to determine scenarios for reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector.

The opening ceremony of this workshop took place in the presence of experts, officials representing government departments and local decision-makers, in addition to academics and representatives of civil society.

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