The 8th International Para Athletics Meeting Moulay El Hassan ended in a cordial atmosphere between all the Delegations present


Yesterday Sunday was the end of the debates of the 8th Moulay El Hassan International Para Athletics Meeting in Marrakechet which ended in a cordial atmosphere between all the Delegations present

This 8th Meeting was the scene of several activities where, in addition to very high level competitions, there were notably athlete training camps and training sessions supervised by IPC experts for the benefit of coaches and national and international para-athletics and blind football referees, inclusive awareness workshops for students in the region, in coordination with the Regional Academy of Education and Training (AREF) of Marrakech-Safi and Entraide national, as well as a communication and exchange meeting with associations affiliated with the FRMSPSH.

All the Moroccan champions had their share of success except the record holder of the previous edition Ayoub Sadni who was eliminated even before the start of his race by red card. The fact remains that our champion is still qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, at a time when this race was dominated by the Moroccan champion from the USA Haddaoui Aymen who achieved a time of 49.47, a long way from that of Sadni’s 47.38

Still, the tradition was respected and the organization was, nevertheless, up to the task thanks to the efforts made by the president of the FRMSPSH Hamid El Aouni who tried to do better except that a single hand cannot do it. alone applaud

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