Pharaons coach Ibrahim Hassan reveals reason for Mohamed Salah’s exclusion from Egyptian national team roster


Ibrahim Hassan, the coach of the Egyptian national team, explained the reasons for the departure of Mohamed Salah from the list of Pharaohs for the March concentration.

Ibrahim Hassan told a press conference: “The exclusion came at the request of Salah and his club because he believes it is better that he is not present because he has not completely recovered from his injury. There has been communication between the club and the FEF, and no one can bend it to their wishes.”

He continued: “Salah is the captain of the national team, and his value is very great, and his presence with us will definitely add strength to the team. We wanted his presence, but we do not want to obstruct him. He is gradually returning to his club.”

The Egyptian national team is preparing to face New Zealand in the Emirates during the international break in March and will play another friendly match against Tunisia or Croatia.

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