Global 2030: Expanded meeting for coordination between government departments


An expanded meeting was held on Thursday at the headquarters of the Ministry of the Interior, as part of the intense preparations for the organization of the 2030 World Cup, in accordance with the Royal Vision and Will carrying a strong ambition to ensure a great success of this international event.

The Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Equipment and Water, the Minister of National Education, Preschool and Sports, the Minister of National Planning, took part in this meeting, of Urban Planning, Housing and Urban Policy, the Minister of Tourism, Crafts and the Social and Solidarity Economy, the Minister of Transport and Logistics and the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget .

This meeting also took place in the presence of the walis and presidents of the councils of the regions concerned by the organization of the World Cup matches, as well as the presidents and representatives of the municipal councils in these regions.

A press release from the Ministry of the Interior indicates that this meeting was devoted to coordination between all the ministerial departments concerned, to the establishment of a unified system of joint action and to the implementation of a integrated roadmap, based on the appropriate execution of commitments, the convergence of initiatives and interventions and the harmonization of their programming, within the framework of the complementarity of the roles of the different stakeholders, so as to guarantee the conditions and necessary means enabling the Kingdom to succeed in the challenge of co-organizing this global sporting event with Spain and Portugal.

This coordination meeting was an opportunity for all stakeholders to reiterate their determination to intensify sectoral efforts and mobilize all capacities and means, as well as to present efficient initiatives, in accordance with an overall vision aimed at objective of designing an innovative organizational offer responding, in all its aspects, to the Royal ambition to move forward for a distinguished organization of this global event, and to strengthen the influence of Morocco as a safe partner for hosting international events and consolidating the place of choice occupied by the Kingdom among the great nations.

It also constituted an opportunity to reaffirm the Kingdom’s commitment to working, in perfect complementarity, with the authorities in charge of this issue in the host countries (Morocco-Spain-Portugal), to make the 2030 World Cup an exceptional event and a a significant step in the organization of sporting events, capable of consolidating the civilizational, cultural and human aspects uniting the three countries, concludes the press release.

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