star of the LG Showcase MEA 2024 held in Abu Dhabi: LG Electronics presents cutting-edge home appliance products


Global consumer electronics pioneer LG Electronics recently hosted its LG Showcase MEA 2024 at the Conrad Hotel, Abu Dhabi, under the brand theme “Reinventing Together”. The event, which focused not only on showcasing the latest innovations, but also on building relationships with its stakeholders, saw the confirmed participation of more than 500 guests, who had the opportunity to make practical experience of each product.

During the event, LG Electronics showcased its latest home appliance products and innovations that not only improve daily life but also offer functionality, unique scalability and customization. The display area included a range of home appliance products including refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, air conditioning solutions and much more.

Commenting on the event, Mr. Il Hwan Lee, Managing Director of LG MEA Region, said: “The LG Showcase MEA 2024 is the place where our latest innovations are exhibited. We keep our customers in mind at every stage of development, and the products we showcase here demonstrate that promise. Not only do we meet consumers’ needs, but we also offer them the benefits of a unique experience, elegant style and revolutionary features that can enhance their home.”

During the event, LG Electronics also presented its popular refrigerator with MoodUP™ function. This feature, known for its exciting and unique color options, adds unique personality to any home kitchen. Through the LG ThinQ™ app, users can choose from 22 colors for the upper door panel and 19 colors for the lower panel. In addition to its visual aesthetics, the new LG MoodUPTM refrigerator features three LED panel doors and a fourth transparent door. The paneled doors can see their custom colors via the LGThinQ app, while the transparent door features LG’s famous InstaView capability, which allows you to view the refrigerator’s interior with two simple swipes. It also has built-in Bluetooth speakers, perfect for listening to music while cooking.

LG Electronics’ solutions for enhancing your kitchen don’t stop there, with the brand’s integrated kitchen set on display. With energy efficiency, user-friendly features and stylish designs in mind, this unique range includes an InstaView™ oven, QuadWash™ dishwasher, bottom freezer refrigerator and microwave. While each of these products is premium in their own right and can individually elevate the kitchen, it’s this portfolio of premium products that can really up your cooking game.

LG Electronics also showcased its residential air conditioners, such as the ARTCOOL range which includes the LG DUAL Inverter Compressor™, an essential element that provides powerful cooling without affecting efficiency. The DUAL Inverter maximizes cooling performance to promise faster cooling while saving energy through optimized compressor operation. Residents can benefit from more powerful cooling because this DualInverter compressor operates faster than a conventional non-inverter compressor. It also provides precise cooling, maintaining the set temperature even when operating at a minimum level.

LG Electronics is also taking an interesting turn in washing and drying, presented with the LG WashTower™ Compact washing solution. Keeping space efficiency in mind, this home appliance combines both a washer and dryer with an all-in-one control panel and advanced AI in one space-saving unit . The washing machine offers a generous 13 kilogram capacity1 and the dryer has a capacity of 10 kilograms, and requires less installation space than the average pair of stackable or side-by-side washer and dryers. ability. It also features a flat, unibody design that provides an optimal washing experience and brings a subtle, minimalist aesthetic.

The WashTower™ also uses advanced laundry technologies such as Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AI DD™) to identify the most suitable wash pattern (drum movements, water temperature and wash cycle duration) for each load, reducing damage to fabrics to help clothes last longer. The Smart Pairing™ feature saves users time and hassle by synchronizing the dryer with the washing machine; by automatically selecting the best drying cycle based on the washing machine’s load settings, making it a great all-round solution2.

In addition to washing and drying solutions, LG Electronics also introduced the LG Styler, a premium steam cleaning solution that can refresh clothes in minutes. Designed with a simple plug-in and operate method, this solution is intended to be a smarter way of styling, with an elegant look all its own. For more details on LG Electronics’ product line, please visit:

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