Famous cosmetic surgeon Hassan Tazi sentenced to three years in prison, two of which were suspended

The Assize Court of the Casablanca Court of Appeal sentenced famous cosmetic surgeon Hassan Tazi to three years in prison, including two years suspended, and dropped the charge of human trafficking.

Doctor Tazi should leave Akasha prison in Aïn Sebaâ this night.

The jury chaired by advisor Ali Tarchi delivered its verdict Friday evening, sentencing the doctor’s wife to four years in prison, while her brother Abdel Razzaq was sentenced to five years in prison.

As for “Zineb. B” who presented herself as a “benefactress”, she was sentenced to five years in prison, while “Saïda. A”, head of the accounts department, was sentenced to four years in prison. “Amina. F” was also sentenced to four years in prison, and “Fatima. H” was sentenced to three years in prison.

The case of Doctor Tazi and the other defendants broke out in April 2022, when a benefactor filed a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office after discovering financial manipulation involving the doctor and seven other people, including his wife and his brother, both directors of the cosmetic surgery clinic he owns in Casablanca. The national unit’s investigations lasted more than two months, during which numerous victims were heard and relevant documents were examined. Investigations revealed that the suspects were involved in the formation of a criminal gang aimed at collecting sums of money from donors under the pretext of covering medical costs to treat patients from disadvantaged families. Medical costs were overestimated in an attempt to appropriate large sums of money.

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