Morocco, regional leader in the automobile industry


Morocco has managed to establish itself as a regional leader in the automobile industry, thanks to rapid growth in the sector which has allowed the Kingdom to consolidate its position as the largest automobile producer in North Africa, according to the Center Egyptian reflection and strategic studies.

The ecosystem of the automotive sector in Morocco includes more than 250 suppliers and equipment manufacturers, notes the Center in a recent study entitled “Regional leadership: Morocco and the location of the automobile industry”.

The study highlights the different aspects of Morocco’s regional leadership in the field of the automobile industry, which has placed itself at the top of the Kingdom’s export sectors, with revenues amounting to more than 141 billion dirhams (MMD ), or nearly 14 billion dollars at the end of 2023, compared to 111.2 MMD (11 billion dollars) in 2022. This good competitiveness reflects the attractiveness of the sector for foreign direct investments (FDI), in particular many car manufacturers, it is specified.

To consolidate the growth of the automobile industry, the Kingdom is moving towards strengthening its positioning in high value-added links, with the stated ambition of becoming a major player in the electric automobile and driving industry. autonomous, notes the same source. Likewise, many incentive levers and the stability of the investment climate have helped the Kingdom achieve this regional leadership in this area, such as the launch of industrial strategies and the conclusion of various economic partnerships with large countries, in addition to the creation of zones frank, explains the study.

On this momentum, Morocco has ratified 72 investment treaties to encourage and protect investments and 62 strategic economic agreements, notably with the European Union (1996), China (2017) in addition to other Arab and African countries.

Focusing on infrastructure dedicated to the automobile industry, the Center highlighted Morocco’s efforts in this area, notably the free zones of the Atlantic, the qualified industrial zones, in addition to the construction of ports, airports, railway lines (LGV).

Investment in human capital is not left out of this dynamic, since the study highlighted the progress made by Morocco in terms of inauguration and launch of hundreds of technical and scientific training and qualification centers in international professions or professions of the future, such as Training Institutes for Careers in the Automotive Industry.

The Center notes that Morocco has managed to leave its mark on the global automotive sector, noting that Morocco’s strategic geographical position between Europe and Africa makes it an ideal hub for the industry and export of cars. , thanks to an appropriate investment climate.

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