Moroccans in the diaspora seek peace and peace and evoke the memory of the tragedies of the wars “Video”

Tariq Abla – Netherlands

They are all Moroccans, whether inside or outside the country. They are defenders of peace, peace and security. They, throughout the ages and eras, renounce violence and hold high the symbols of peace.

Even in times of war and tragedy, Moroccans as a whole call for the bleeding to stop and for the greater interest to prevail over narrow interests.
Because wars of all kinds, traditional or otherwise, leave behind disasters, losses, and widespread evil, the repercussions of World War I and II remain the best evidence of the ugliness of the scenes and the scale loss of life and property. ..

Here in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, Moroccans stood, and all the people of the world stood alongside them, in body or in heart, to paint pictures in solidarity with the victims of wars, to send messages realists saying: Stop the killing machine wherever it is found. that is, let people live in peace…

Here in Amsterdam, the legally regulated Moroccan community, within the framework of active associations, came to commemorate the two world wars to show mercy to their victims in a rainy atmosphere. The President of the Friendship Association, Ahmed Al-Masri, delivered a speech. speech on the occasion which carried many connotations and lessons that the Moroccan people are a peaceful people, a people who love peace, peace and peaceful coexistence…

The man stood up and addressed the people in a rainy atmosphere, telling them that this stop was a very important stop and a painful opportunity to recall the memories of the people who left Muiderpoort station during the Second War world and never returned.

Because from this station more than 11,000 Jews and other inhabitants of Amsterdam were deported to Westerbork and from there to other camps during the Second World War, children, adolescents, adults, elderly people… without knowing where the trains would lead them, without knowing that they would never return.

This is a crucial moment that has engendered fear and hatred in the soul of humanity, for no other reason than that the warmongers and proponents of war are striving to create excuses to incite to hatred with the aim of achieving political gains at the expense of human lives.

Muhammad Al-Masry said: “Let us commemorate these war victims every year, because this anniversary contains messages and references to the wars and battles that the world is witnessing today. Let us remain loyal to each other, defend the innocent, seek peace. and help stop the series of murders…

Let us tell the world and all religions that the commemoration of this anniversary is only an initiative on our part to recall and remember, because the memorial benefits believers. Yes, we commemorate those who died and those who died in these wars, so that. we can pity them all and tell them that you are always in our hearts…

Muhammad Al-Masry concluded his speech by calling on everyone to plant hope, to plant flowers and roses and scatter them on the faces of those who love peace.
He called on people to be vigilant, reject differences and work to implement the principles of tolerance, solidarity and fraternity among people, because in the end, we are all brothers and human beings who love life.
Heba Press, at the heart of the event, followed the course of events and prepared the following report:

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