Tiznit.. Bullets fired to stop two people who attacked a police officer with a “knife”

Heba Press

A police inspector working in the Tiznit Regional Security Zone was forced to use his working weapon as a warning in the early morning hours of Tuesday, May 7, in order to neutralize the danger emanating from two elderly people aged 28 and 36, who were in a state of intoxication and great impulsiveness, and who endangered the safety and security of people, were subjected to a serious and dangerous attack using a knife.

A police patrol arrested the two suspects after they were caught highly intoxicated and causing chaos on the main street, where they showed violent resistance while trying to escape , before one of them used a knife and injured a police brigadier. general with facial injuries, which forced the inspector to use his functional weapon carefully by firing a warning shot.

This forced use of a functional weapon made it possible to neutralize the danger represented by the suspect, before he was arrested and the knife used to commit this attack was seized.

The two suspects were kept in theoretical detention pending the judicial investigation carried out under the direction of the competent public prosecutor, in order to discover all the circumstances, circumstances and contexts of this case, as well as to determine all the criminal acts that are attributed to them.

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