Towards the reopening of the main border crossing between Tunisia and Libya


The main border crossing between Tunisia and Libya closed at the end of last March for security reasons should reopen soon, the Libyan Minister of the Interior said on Tuesday.

The Libyan and Tunisian authorities have agreed to open the Ras Jedir border post once security preparations have been completed, noted Imad Mustapha Trabelsi following a visit to Tunisia.

And to emphasize that the passage will be used in accordance with the law, while ensuring the fight against criminal and smuggling activities.

The Ras Jedir post was closed at the end of March following an attack by “outlaw groups” targeting the border crossing point in order to create chaos.

This measure aims to allow the “establishment of security arrangements” and to ensure its proper functioning “under the authority of the State”, according to official Libyan sources.

Located in northwestern Libya, some 170 kilometers west of Tripoli, Ras Jedir is the main crossing point between western Libya and southeastern Tunisia, a region that is home to cross-border trade activities, including smuggling.

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