Parma International Festival…moments and an opportunity to discover Moroccan tea culture

Abdellatif El-Baz – Italy Office

The twenty-second edition of the international festival, which takes place on May 7, 8, 9 and 10 in the Italian city of Parma, was the opportunity to present a rich program full of intimate moments and to discover the different preparation methods and consumption of Moroccan tea, which constitutes an exceptional journey into the wonderful world of this product by exploring its practices, as a common culture between Morocco and China on Italian territory.

Morocco and Moroccans around the world are distinguished by the way they prepare and serve tea, through particular and aesthetic rituals. The tools used are “the tray and the refrigerator” and other tools called “rabai” which are three metal boxes, intended for tea. , sugar and mint, in addition to the different decorated cups.

On this occasion, Abdel Rahim Marghati, businessman and owner of the Migrant 4011 tea brand, set up a special gallery inside the exhibition center, located in the Parma complex, to highlight cultural diversity Moroccan and the civilizational and tourist capacities of the Kingdom.

This demonstration was an opportunity for visitors, who came in large numbers to where a gallery was installed, to discover the different methods of preparing Moroccan tea and the customs linked to its consumption through the ages.

Thanks to the participation of Abdel Rahim Marghati Migrant 4011, and representatives of foreign countries known for their ancient traditions of tea preparation, as well as through the cups of tea tasting sessions scheduled for the occasion, visitors was able to get an idea of ​​the most famous ceremonial aspects that accompany the preparation of Moroccan tea, which is the most consumed drink in the world after water.

According to Abdul Rahim Margathi, the preparation and consumption of tea takes many forms and varies according to the culture and customs of each country, and its therapeutic benefits are numerous.

In an exclusive statement to Heba Press on this occasion, Mr. Marghati indicated that mint tea in Morocco is considered a traditional drink par excellence and symbolizes the warm welcome that has always distinguished Moroccans, adding that “the way “how tea is prepared and consumed varies by country.” seasons and destinations.

He said that the Parma International Festival came to celebrate “the ancient history of a leaf that traveled the whole world, and now it provides intimate moments by creating a warm atmosphere that reinforces the competition between the participants in the competition for enjoy the best sip of tea. .”

According to the organizers, the exhibition aims to strengthen civilizational dialogue and cultural exchanges between the city of Parma and the rest of the world, as well as to strengthen friendly relations between Italy and countries around the world.

Abderrahim Marghati is a Moroccan businessman who managed, for almost a decade, to occupy the throne of the global tea industry. He became the tea ambassador of Migrant 4011 after choosing China and Italy as his destination and headquarters, which was a big challenge for him. sell Asian tea to Italians and members of Arab communities. Abdul Rahim Margathi opened the door to a guest and guide to introduce the community to his career and the hidden secrets of the world of tea. It was he who chose to sell the finest and rarest teas in the world.

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