How is the automotive sector considered to be Morocco’s leading exporting sector ahead of the mining sector?


The automotive sector is considered one of the strategic sectors in Moroccan industrial policy. This has become Morocco’s leading exporting sector ahead of the mining sector (phosphate exports). Morocco aims to reach EUR 19 billion in export revenues within 4 years.

– The automotive sector has 260 equipment manufacturers operating around nine ecosystems (wiring, vehicle interiors & seats, metal stamping, battery, PSA, engines, Renault, Delphi and Valeo).

– More than 60 new factories from international equipment manufacturers are being built.

– 90% of Morocco’s automobile production is exported internationally, of which more than 80% is intended for European countries.

– Morocco has joined the top 5 vehicle exporters to the European Union, with 301,398 units exported in 2022, ahead of China, Japan and India.

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