Tomorrow, 3rd edition of the Conference on the Sustainability of Fisheries Resources in Morocco: Thematic tables


According to the organizers, “this 2024 edition of the Forum aims to share the progress made by Morocco and other brotherly and friendly countries, in the responsible exploitation and preservation of marine resources, in order to create a dynamic platform where public actors and private sector as well as international partners will be able to exchange the best experiences and knowledge necessary to meet the challenges of sustainability and forge innovative solutions.

To this end, four round tables are planned in order to deepen exchanges and discussions on the following themes: “Scientific research serving the sustainability of fishery resources”, “Marine aquaculture, the environment and coastal development”, “Investing in a sustainable fishing future, what sectoral strategies? ”, and “Decarbonization, Green Financing Strategies in the Fisheries Industry”.

This 3rd edition of the “Conference on the Sustainability of Fisheries Resources in Morocco” will take place tomorrow Wednesday, May 15, 2024 in Casablanca

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