“Cocaine” kills three people in a Settat police window

Heba Press_Bureau de Settat

Heba Press learned from its sources that three people were arrested today Monday at the Royal Gendarmerie window of the Al-Buruj Center in Settat, suspected of possessing a certain quantity of cocaine.

Our sources add that precise information led investigators to set up an elaborate ambush at the main entrance to the city, which was enough to overthrow the three suspects from one of the neighboring regions of the capital Beni Miskin, after they were traveling in a four-wheel drive car. They were taken in for questioning and placed under nominal custody measures with a view to bringing them to public attention.

The first investigations carried out by members of the Royal Gendarmerie, in addition to a careful search of the car, made it possible to find a quantity of cocaine, not to mention sums of money and mobile phones.

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