The Moroccan-Norwegian association succeeds in organizing an international sporting event in Oslo in the presence of international players and veterans of the Nador teams


During a remarkable sporting year, the Moroccan-Norwegian Association organized, on Saturday May 18, in the Norwegian capital Oslo, the second edition of the International Forum of Veteran Footballers of Nador.

The organizers and dynamos of the Association Hussein El Hadawi and Karim Mhneen, declared: “The Oslo forum came to bring together the sons of Nador in the diaspora with the firm conviction that football plays a leading role in strengthening the communication between members of the Moroccan Community Residing Abroad.

In the morning, a friendly match was organized between former foreign footballers and former Norwegian players of Moroccan origin in an atmosphere of remarkable sportsmanship, marked by the reading of the Fatiha for the soul of the deceased Abdelaziz “Rek”, and an opportunity to honor some sporting figures who have sacrificed a lot in the field of football, led by Habib Bonafous, Abdelkader Boukadous, Mohamed Mesbah and Mohamed Bentahir.

In the evening, the organizing committee scheduled a dinner in honor of the guests of the forum hosted by the artist “Amzrin”, and the Dutch theater troupe Numidia participated in a sketch: “Ini Yazwan Aman”

The organizing committee stressed that the next edition will be even better and that the objective is to present a good perception of the people of Nador and to market our beloved Morocco in the diaspora in its best face.

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