France: Moroccan Cultural Week of the “Homeland First and Always” Initiative Impresses the Moroccan Diaspora


Throughout this week, the Paris region will celebrate the Moroccan Cultural Week organized by the subsidiary of the “Homeland First and Always” Initiative association.

A rich and diverse program is available, which includes numerous activities, which has inspired the Moroccan community and allowed many of them, particularly current generations, to discover up close the richness of Moroccan cultural heritage.

The subsidiary of the Moroccan Association in France, was founded on June 27, 2023, is headed by Mr. Maimoun Al-Yazidi, who was able to establish an ambitious program and a significant work strategy with the members of the board of directors of the ‘association.

The first day of Moroccan Cultural Week was a great success, characterized by the record number of the Moroccan diaspora, who came from everywhere to follow the program. Some have even traveled hundreds of kilometers from other French cities to attend its activities, which will last more than a week.

Visitors had the opportunity to travel through the captivating exhibitions evoking different cultural themes, but notably the interpretation of the traditional Moroccan wedding which celebrates Moroccan intangible heritage. and which was admired by the participants.

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