21 dead and 2,808 injured… the toll of road accidents in cities in one week

Heba Press

21 people were killed and 2,808 others were injured, 107 of them seriously, in 2,074 road accidents recorded in urban areas during the week of May 13-19.

A report from the General Directorate of National Security attributes the main reasons leading to the occurrence of these accidents, in order, to driver inattention, failure to respect the right of priority, excessive speed, the inattention of pedestrians, lack of control, changes of direction. without a signal, and non-compliance with the stop imposed by a “Stop” sign, unauthorized change of direction, non-compliance with a safety distance, driving on the left side of the road, non-compliance with the stop imposed by the “Stop” sign. red light, driving in a prohibited direction, driving while intoxicated and improper passing.

The same source adds that with regard to surveillance and control operations in Traffic and on Golan Square, the security services recorded 39,147 violations, completed 6,891 reports transmitted to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and obtained 32,256 fines of conciliation.

He underlined that the amount obtained amounts to 7 million 47 thousand 675 dirhams, while the number of vehicles placed at the municipal impound was 4414 vehicles, the number of documents withdrawn was 6891 documents, and the number of vehicles submitted at the arrest was 201 vehicles.

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