Argentina: President Milei casts doubt on the future of the government


The Argentine President, Javier Milei, has cast doubt on the future of his government in its current composition, in particular that of Prime Minister, Nicolas Posse, and plans to integrate new members.

In an interview with local television, Milei said the future of this government will be determined by the outcome of a package of structural reforms considered by Congress.

The project known as the “Law of Bases and Starting Points for the Freedom of Argentines”, adopted by the Chamber of Deputies, seems to encounter difficulties in the Senate due to the strong resistance of the center-left opposition which has a majority in the upper house.

Since Thursday afternoon, the local press has been teeming with rumors about the possible dismissal of Prime Minister Posse and the arrival of a close collaborator of President Milei, the economist Federico Sturzenegger, who is the architect of the structural reforms driven by The head of state.

Javier Milei explained laconically that everything “what did not work (in government) will be changed and everything that worked remains”.

On Friday, its spokesperson Manuel Adorni provided some details on a possible reshuffle of the government, which has been in place since December 10.

The presidential spokesperson praised Federico Sturzenegger, noting that the former central bank president “is a long-time collaborator of the president.

Adorni, however, avoided giving details on the role that this economist would occupy, adding that “if President Milei is going to integrate him into the government, as he announced”, it is because of all the good that ‘he thinks of this collaborator.

After his inauguration, Milei put into practice his promise to reduce the number of ministerial departments to eight, making the current government the most compact in Argentine history.

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