In one day, a child and a young man drowned in two pools of water near Sraghna Castle.

Heba Press / Rabat

We learned that yesterday morning, Saturday morning, Civil Protection agents were able to recover the body of a young man born in 1995, drowned in one of the private water basins located in the Oulad Yaacoub community.

According to the press, the victim came from the Tauzin community and suffered from psychological disorders throughout his life.

In a similar incident, exactly at the Al-Tabayya roundabout, the body of an 8-year-old child was found

The child drowned in one of the water basins located in the community of Lararsha.

The bodies of the child and the young man were transferred to the morgue in the town of Kelaat El-Sraghna for a medical autopsy to determine the nature of death.

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