The high cost of plane and boat tickets worries Italian-Moroccans

Abdel Latif El-Baz – Heba Press

As in previous years, a few months before the start of the summer holidays, the issue of high prices for plane and boat tickets to and from Italy resurfaced.

In this regard, a certain number of members of the Moroccan community residing in Italy complain about the “stark” increase in the prices of plane tickets and boats, especially since they wish to come to Morocco during the summer to spend Eid al-Adha. vacation with their families, but the rising prices of plane tickets and boats have led them to think differently.

In this context, a number of community members Heba Press spoke with said that flight ticket prices are very high and there are families with 5 members because it is difficult for them to return to their home countries during the summer due to soaring airline ticket prices, calling for ticket prices to be reduced.

Nour Al-Din Al-Koutari, a Moroccan civil activist who has lived in Italy since the 1990s, said that “we cannot prevent a family composed of a father, a mother and three children from going to Morocco due to exorbitant prices. addressing an appeal to the king and those responsible “to see the condition of these Moroccans who want to go to Morocco and see their families, and all those who have important objects in the country”, he in turn called for “a reduction of Royal Air Maroc prices.

Yahya Al-Matwat, community activist residing in the city of Milan and owner of a travel agency, told Lahba Press, addressing the officials concerned, that “there cannot be a Moroccan family that has not not visited Morocco for more than several years, and there cannot be children who do not know their country because they have not visited it. » This is due to the high price of plane tickets.
The spokesperson added: “We cannot deprive Morocco of a major economic recovery to which the Moroccan community residing on Italian territory will contribute. We cannot deprive people of ties with their families, and a family of four or five people cannot pay five thousand euros. about five million cents).) Just to buy tickets due to their high prices, especially in summer,” he added. “As a member of the Moroccan community residing in Italy, I am calling the relevant services, in particular Royal Air Maroc, to find a solution to this problem.
He stressed that this hideous exploitation could have been avoided if the government had thought of entering into agreements with airlines to grant preferential prices and additional flights to ease the pressure on flights, as well as capping the prices throughout the year to encourage Moroccans. to visit their country of origin not only in summer, which will have a positive impact on the national economy, by not leaving Moroccans around the world to face their fate alone.

Yahya Al-Matwat is surprised at how a certain number of communities residing in Italy benefit from “ethnic airfares”, that is to say preferential prices specific to these communities in their country, while the Moroccan community is considered one of the largest communities in Italy and does not have this privilege.

Journalist Mohamed Maltouf, in turn, criticized the high prices of travel on board the airline “Laram”, calling on the company to “reach out a helping hand, especially in these difficult circumstances experienced by Moroccan families residing in Italy, in providing plane tickets at reasonable prices. » estimating that this measure will bring a benefit “for Morocco through the influx of hard currencies, and a benefit for Royal Air Maroc through the increase in the number of passengers and a benefit for members of the community, particularly the second generation “.

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